Spooky and Juicy Delights

 Juice, powerful with nutrients and busting with flavor, is now fun. Fall is here and with it comes festive  parties. Avoid toxic sodas and extra calories by using fresh raw juice to entertain guests while giving them a bit of a fright!
 Juice Pops:
I made to spooky flavors: Apple and  Ginger with a hint of Beet  ( for the pretty color) and Jalapeno, Peach and Almond Milk
I made two juices to my taste, one more common and one more adventurous. I froze them in these molds.
For the  Apples-Ginger juice I added a slice on beet just for the coloring.  Don’t be afraid of beets! You don’t have to even taste them to enjoy their health benefits and natural beauty. Ginger can help mask the flavor if you aren’t a fan.
The Peach juice is given a contrasting kick with some fresh jalapeno and a slice of lime. The tart and spicy flavors are complemented by the sweet floral Peach juice. You can add as much or as little pepper as you like. I made my juice very spicy, so to cool it down and add a creamy component,  I added a splash of almond milk to the popsicle molds.
Decorate the handles for a spookier look!
Ice Cubes:
Also, try these fun molds to add  more flavor to drinks:
I found that more watery juices, like lemonade or cranberry juice works the best to make ice cubes.
You can also find this ice cube mold and many more here

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